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Photography That Empowers

Mark D'Cruz Boudoir Photographer boudoir shoots will not just make you feel pretty and sexy, our photoshoots will help you feel adventurous, liberated and empowered. 

The Boudoir Shoot Experience

I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay."

  • At a pre-shoot consultation, we work with you to establish you will wear and bring to the shoot and can expect on the day of the shoot.

  • The day of the photoshoot starts with a little natter over a prosecco or coffee. Our talented lady hairstylist and make-up-artist will work with you on creating a perfect makeover-look.

  • I will walk you through the shoot plan and the poses that work well. Don’t worry, I will guide you at each step of the shoot, and we will take several shots at each stage, to get the best results.

  • Then it’s off to a full makeover including hair and make-up, meaning you will feel nothing but fabulous,  even before the shoot begins.

  • Our Lady Makeup Artist will be on-hand and assisting you throughout the shoot, and both of us will help you feel comfortable throughout the session.

  • We will work with you to show off your personality and your best assets.  You will have artistic, sophisticated and sensual photos of you in your favourite lingerie and accessories, producing a fantastic set of photographs for you to cherish.

  • About two weeks after the photoshoot, you will have a private viewing of your photos. At the presentation, you can select the images you would like for your album.

  • Customers also use this opportunity to order some extra images, prints, frames and the like from the a-la-carte menu.

Boudoir Photography London Packages



The Boudoir shoot for the modern liberated lady, starting to build up her portfolio. 

You will get a professionally done natural makeup application and a dry hair styling, a 2-hour studio photoshoot with 2 or 3 outfits changes and with guidance with posing and modelling. 

About two weeks after the boudoir photoshoot, you will get a private viewing of your photos. 

Included a handmade British, linen-covered, 12-photo album and accompanied by the web resolution 12 digital files of the selected images on a USB drive. 

You can off-course choose to treat yourself and add more photos and prints and frames from the a-la-carte menu.





More than just a boudoir photoshoot, this package is for the more discerning,  and those who say, 'feck it', this is my treat to me.
You know what this means! You must be prepared, to be pushed, by the team, not just to look your very best, but also be your most creative in your posing and expression and presentation.  We will guide and assist you where ever you need it.
There will be repeats and retakes and re-shoots, tell we get it right. Ohh! The life of a creative.
The package includes a professional natural makeup application, dry hair styling, a 4-6 hour studio photoshoot, enough time for between 4 and 6 changes, retouching, a private photo reveal appointment approximately 2 weeks after your shoot.
You will get a Personalised Large Luxury British Handmade Leather Album, with a 36-image  collection,  a large 61cm x 91 cm, unframed, fine art print and your entire collection of around 60, web resolution digital images on a USB Drive. 





Your alter-ego has found its way to the top, and you there is an inexplicable craving to express it.


Have you a yearning to be Zena The Warrior Princess, or is it Atila The Hun, or the cunning Mata Hari, or the intrepid Explorer Amelia Earhart, or the captivating Marilyn Monroe or the more Queen Nefertiti of Egypt or Empress Theodora of the Byzantine Empire.

You tell us, it is your Fantasy. You can make its boudoir shoot or not, but its definitely going to be sexy, bold, different, you - you may have been pushed to your fringes.


Psst! you could even include your friends in the fantasy.

Let us work with you to create the ideal stage for you to capture your moment and give rest to this craving. Let us create a custom deal with you.

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