• Mark D'Cruz

Personal Branding and its Importance

Updated: Jan 12

Now more than ever, regardless of whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, sportsperson, actor or industrialist, developing your very own personal brand is of utmost importance.

Research shows that recruiters are now leaning on social media to help them, screen applicants. With nearly 70% of candidates on social medial, almost 70% of companies utilise social media to sift through applicants and candidates during the hiring procedure. 43% of employers also use social media to check in on their current employees.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have a brand of your own. A quick Google search on your self will show you how the rest of the world perceives you to be. Are you happy with the way the world perceives you? Do you appear in the right spaces? Are you satisfied with the information that you have about yourself on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Whether it is personal or business reasons someone will do an online search about you and the thing is, are you the one that is controlling the narrative?

What is a Personal Brand?

There used to be a time when branding was a purview of business, corporations and brands. Social media has turned this on its head and now it is just as important and even vital you manage your brand narrative.

Personal branding is how you show yourself off to the rest of the world and convey to it your strengths, your skills, your goals, your vision and the things that drive you and motivate you. Taking control of your brand often means an introspection, a self-discovery of who you are and what you want to be. Usually, if you can articulate this to yourself, you will better be in a position to tell the world who you are, where you want to go, the training, the skills, the expertise, the motivation and the passion you have to get where you there and how you get other there too. Doing an efficient job of it will let you stand out from the rest of the competition, thereby giving you the chance to forge strong relationships with potential employers or clients and businesses.

Personal branding cannot be superficial either. Instead, it involves telling your story, sharing your various experiences and proving your expertise. It’s essentially putting your best and authentic foot forward. Effective, personal branding lets you get noticed by the people that you’re trying to get the attention of, whether they are employers or possible clients, effective personal branding is always evolving, contextual and relevant to the now.

With social media practically driving the majority of interaction on the internet, the power and influence that socially grounded personal branding wields grows more and more. So much so that you can no longer choose not to socialise your personal brand.

And so, regardless of your job title — whether you are a freelancer, a personal advisor, a trainer, an author, a motivational speaker or even the owner of a Fortune 500 company — personal branding is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most important things in the business world right now.

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