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Photography and Personal branding

Updated: May 12

Generating an effective personal brand starts with first determining our most genuine of qualities. You need to be able to identify for yourself: What makes you tick? What are the things that you are passionate about? What are the values that you hold near and dear to your heart? Only when you have a fair understanding of you, will you begin to understand the image you want to portray to the world and be able to start outlining and planning your Personal branding strategy.

In today world, wish is computer and mobile-centric, one of the most crucial pieces that you need to establish is a distinct personal brand is visual representation for your communication. This will come if the form of a unified theme across your design, your e-mail signature, and your photographs.

Generally speaking, the human brain is one large, visual instrument. Research tells us that every day, we make an estimated 35,000 conscious decisions. From that figure, there are hundreds that we make that are based on visual cues. From deciding which shoe to wear to what meal you’ll devour, these are decisions that are made because of visual suggestions that are presented before us. Have you ever stopped and wondered about the decisions that you consistently make? This is because we think with our eyes first and a massive number of calls that we make in a lifetime are based on first impressions.

Utilising photography in particular, is a great way to take full advantage of how the human brain operates. If you have an online business or are trying to bolster your brand online, using credible and legitimate photographs will serve you well in establishing your brand’s personality. It will also help you build up your reputation as a trustworthy authority in your field, making it easier to connect with readers and potential clients.

Very much like how detail-oriented and downright fussy large brands are about the logos and colours that are involved with their brand, you should employ the same amount of attentiveness when it comes to your personal branding. You can start by having a premium headshot taken regardless of what it is that you do.

Next, you should be consistent in sharing the same headshot on all your social media channels and digital platforms to make it easier for people to recognise who you are. You must realise that these photographs are the first things that people will see, so you have to immediately take control of the narrative about you by really being picky about the style your photographs are taken in, the garb you put on as well as your facial expressions.

The brain needs less than 30 seconds to process visual suggestions. Remember that since that is all the time you have to make a great first impression. Having amazing photographs and images on your site will buy you the time you need to present exactly who you are and what you are all about to the reader.

The operative term in personal branding is to “stand out.” You will be able to do just that if you ensure that your visual style is consistent. This means you really should take a long and hard look at your domain name, the logo, the animations and everything else that relates to you and make sure that all these are distinct and best represent you.

Best Location for Personal Branding Photography?

In personal branding photography, the composition is king. Portrait shots that feature superb composition will probably end up getting noticed more than normal portraits that have the subject standing in the middle and in front of the background. To enjoy better composition in your photographs, you can try locating the frame within the background. In addition, you can also try shooting from an offbeat perspective, exposing some things in the frame to make the shot look a little bit strange and artistic.

Speaking of the background, it pays to have one that is distinct and somewhat interesting. Now, we’re not saying you should have a photoshoot on the Serengeti. Rather, you have to take a close look at every element of the background and asses if these align with your personality or character.

Go take a stroll out on the town and locate some intriguing textures and colours that can possibly make it as your background. After scrutinizing it, make sure to also step away for a little bit to attain some focus length as well as some blurriness in the background.

If your photographs are able to capture who you really and what your business represents, you’ll instantly know it’s the shot that you should choose for your digital collateral since it can draw in attention and pique the interest of the reader or the viewer, creating a pathway for you to build trust, which after all, is the main purpose of personal branding.

Personal branding is essentially establishing rapport and trust with the reader. This is significant since when people get the feeling that you are trustworthy and credible, you will benefit immensely from it. This then can lead to forging a strong and healthy relationship that can be beneficial to both of you in the long run.

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